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We are LifeSign Church, part of LifeSign International Ministry. Our former name is Lowell House of Prayer, a Brazilian Church founded in 1987. As an English speaking Church we do not have to much history. Basically we are just starting and we need you to make history in Lowell, to bless people and to glorify the Lord!

The name LifeSign is a result of a vision that was given to our founder, Pastor Marco Romeiro in 2009. The Lord gave him a vision to start a ministry called LifeSign International Ministry. The Biblical base of this ministry is on Joshua 2:18 where it talks about a life sign: a scarlet cord!

We believe that even in the middle of a tremendous chaos there's always signs of life!

Our mission is to bring signs of life in the midst of our community. Jesus Christ is life. Sharing His story and living His life will bring signs that will stay forever!

Marco & Silvana Romeiro
Founder Pastors

Marco and Silvana Romeiro are in the Christian ministry for almost 40 years. They've established many churches in USA and around the world. They've been in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for more than 25 years, preaching in Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

Tony & Lucy Mendes
Local Pastors

Tony and Lucy Mendes have a strong calling from the Lord to reach out people in need and bless them with the powerful message of the Gospel. God called them to lead LifeSign Church and they are placing their hearts in God's hand and their hands at His service.

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